Paul G and Family

As a parent what has impressed me is the professionalism demonstrated by the staff as well as some of the latest technology. Proper training and monitoring of a young athlete is critical not only to improve skills, strength and speed but crucial to prevent injury. Coach Caruthers and his staff are the “BEST” my daughter has had to work with. She has gained Speed, strength but most importantly a confidence to continue in sports activity. This has translated to her academic activities as well giving her a determination to achieve. I highly recommend Waco Sports Academy to any aspiring athlete.

Brian Hoeldtke

Waco Sports Academy and Coach Caruthers have given our son individual attention with a conditioning program designed specifically for him. Coach Caruthers went over in detail testing results and explained what he wanted to see at the end of the program. Coach Caruthers and his staff have given our son confidence and the motivation to continue to want to improve. We couldn’t be happier with the results.

Lane and Cora Britt

We love to see not only the physical, but mental strength our daughter has gained from Coach Caruthers, his staff, and the program they have designed for her at Waco Sports Academy. Her speed, strength, and endurance shows every day when she hits the softball field.

Toby Miller and Family

My son is 15 and we have seen tremendous gains in not only his strength and speed but also his confidence. I would recommend any athlete trying to be the best athlete you can be to train with Coach Caruthers. His facilities and new training technology is like nothing in this area!