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In May of 2002, Coach Caruthers and his wife, Kim, started Championship Speed & Strength, Inc., with programs based on Coach Caruthers’ 26+ years’ experience as a Strength and Conditioning Coach and 10+ years as a master Strength and Conditioning Coach. He passes along to the young athletes in Central Texas what he learned with professional and collegiate athletes: “Speed Wins!” And he is still learning today from coaches and athletes around the country.

At Waco Sports Academy, each athlete is getting the same level of training found at any major collegiate program and professional sports team. In fact, many athletes at Waco Sports Academy have training techniques in their workout programs which Coach Caruthers learned from two study tours in Moscow, Russia and Leipzig, Germany.

Waco Sports Academy is designed to help young athletes achieve their athletic goals and as a result, to have great lifelong memories of their experiences with athletics.

Waco Sports Academy also wants to help instill confidence in young athletes, raise their self-esteem, and encourage them to accomplish what they thought was impossible.

The Waco Sports Academy consists of four batting/pitching cages, o­ne combination softball/baseball infield, and the Waco Sports Academy facility. Waco Sports Academy has both sport and age specific programs to develop speed and speed of movement for girls and boys age 10 to 23. Waco Sports Academy also provides general physical fitness programs.

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