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Developing speed and speed of movement involves the development of flexibility, sprinting technique, balance, jumping ability, many types of strength, agility, core strength and conditioning.

Waco Sports Academy offers championship programs and correct teaching of all speed, strength, and conditioning techniques. Feel free to browse our website to learn more about Coach Caruthers, our technology, FAQ and history.

Waco’s premier sports performance training facility with indoor batting cages and lighted infield!


Our Program

Form Running

The athlete learns and develops an awareness of the proper sprint mechanics; once these movements are learned they are practiced during every workout so they will be performed with precision; form running also lets the body warm up for flexibility exercises.


The athlete will improve the ability of the muscles, connective tissues, and joints to function for the range of motion required by the particular sport(s) it is used for; develop joint range of motion and smooth out the surfaces of the joints while improving circulation.


The athlete will develop an increased ability to jump higher and run faster. There is a high, positive correlation between increasing an athlete’s ability to jump higher and his ability to run faster.

Weight Training

The athlete will increase his absolute strength, explosive strength, speed strength, and starting strength. Optimizing these strength types is necessary for each athlete to run and move faster.


The athlete will develop quicker feet and learn to control the movement of the feet thereby gaining better control of the body as it moves in all directions.

Speed Development

The athlete will learn to run faster (Speed Wins!) and will develop quick start acceleration to increase the power and speed of the first 3 steps.


The athlete will increase muscle and joint flexibility and reduce the lactic acid levels in the body built up from the athlete’s workout.

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